Litchfield & Willis, Inc. was created as a highly client-service oriented retained executive search firm. Our firm's primary services are directed at entrepreneurs and CEO's of growth firms. We are focused on searches where market research and track record verification are critical to success. Choosing our firm eliminates "off limits" concerns found in using large multiple-office search firms. We use the best technology available among search firms to meet our client's business objectives.

In the process of providing successful search services for key contributors, Litchfield & Willis has been asked to perform other services often related to search work:

  • Acquisition & Merger Targets - among our services and consulting firm clients, we use our research and "people intensive" focus to provide background on firms and executives who meet client acquisition criteria; then we arrange meetings and start the process of conversation necessary to a successful acquisition/sale.

  • Team Search - in certain situations, clients have needed an entire team to bring about a business objective. This type of search is unusual, requiring the ability to identify the sometimes quiet leader who makes the objectives attainable.

  • Succession Planning - different from the typical corporate services consultant, we perform services to support entrepreneurs. Our services include the ability to facilitate a "longer term" view with the entrepreneur, to establish buy-in to a plan and to manage the implementation. We are familiar with the experts in estate management, law, evaluation, financing strategies and other important specialties. It is your business - optimizing it will require building and executing YOUR plan.

This list offers you established areas of expertise in addition to executive search projects Litchfield & Willis has accomplished for our clients. We are excited and proud of our record. Contact us by email: for further information or a proposal.

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