Search Process Step 1


At the time the need for executive recruitment services is defined, a meeting would be held with Litchfield & Willis and your selected executives. The agenda will include outlining the need, organizational structure, position responsibilities, accountabilities, objectives, and personal characteristics. This meeting can also establish the lead person for the assignment, timing and follow up. Focus will be on establishing the critical factors associated with the position.


Litchfield & Willis will provide a position specification for approval by you. No further action on the search will take place until Step One is approved by you.

Search Process Step 2


By meeting or by telephone, you will provide marketplace preferences and ideas. Litchfield & Willis will use its resources to establish target firms, locales and other pertinent data. Executives occupying similar positions will provide leads to target individuals. During this step a lengthy list of sources and prospective candidates is developed. Depending upon your preference, the search will be conducted entirely by sourcing; or, at this time, advertisements in appropriate publications can be instituted.


General review of the prospect list will be provided or simply a status report.

Search Process Step 3


By meeting with you and by focusing on the critical factors established in Step One, Litchfield & Willis will identify specific candidates from the prospect lists. These candidates will be qualified: their complete work histories defined, education verified, some references established and a resume on each prepared for your review. At this point, you will be known as our client and the individuals established as candidates will have professed an interest in pursuing the position. Issues of marketing, relocation and position structure will be developing.


The Candidate List, including resumes, will be presented to you. Discussion and review by you will establish the candidates to be invited for interviews. If appropriate, Litchfield & Willis will assist in the interview process by scheduling, travel arrangements, lists of questions, creating interview panels or other assistance.

Search Process Step 4


This process is potentially the most lengthy, involving one or more interviews with candidates. A decision to make an offer comes only from you. The amount of the offer, details of benefits and other recruitment issues will be provided by you. However, it is expected that Litchfield & Willis, Inc. will serve as an intermediary in the negotiation process.


The offer to the candidate is the final product of this step. However, Litchfield & Willis's involvement continues until the individual reports for work with you.

Search Process Step 5


The successful completion of a search depends upon the individual reporting for work, being integrated into the organization and your satisfaction. Litchfield & Willis will work with you to achieve these objectives and to assure a smooth transition.

Depending upon the difficulty of the assignment and timeliness of the approval, interview and selection processes, an average search will be completed in 60 to 90 days. Our proposal to you emphasizes an organized approach and efficient utilization of resources. Its methodology is designed to solicit appropriate approvals from our client throughout the process. We emphasize products as evidence of our efforts and to provide accountability. Our business is providing human resources and we commit to our results.

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